Two neuro-oncologists reviewing imaging scans of a recent patient.

Brain Tumor Treatments

When you choose UVA for brain tumor treatment, you get access to clinical trials and a team of neuro-oncologists who focus only on brain tumors. 

Since brain tumors account for only 1-2% of all cancer, most oncologists have little familiarity with treating and managing their symptoms. However, our neuro-oncologists — along with a team that includes surgeons, medical oncologists, pathologists, nurses, social workers, nutritionists and more — exclusively see patients with neuro-oncologic disorders and are up to date on the full range of standard and experimental strategies.

    Brain Tumors We Treat

    Life-Saving Care for Brain Tumor Patients

    Debbie came to UVA for a chance to live — and to have the baby she’d always wanted. Watch her talk about her experience as a brain tumor patient. View brain tumor transcript.

    Brain Tumor Treatment Options

    Personalized Therapies

    We don't just treat your tumor. We find out the best treatment method for your specific tumor.

    We do this with molecular cytogenetics. This scientific method shows which of your cells are normal and which are cancer-causing at a very precise level. We can then tell which brain tumors will respond best to chemotherapy.

    Other ways we can target your tumor:

    • Bone marrow transplant
    • Gene therapy

    Safer Tumor Removal

    We have high-tech tools that help us surgically remove difficult, hard-to-get tumors with accuracy and less risk. These include:

    Tumor Removal Without Surgery

    Effective, proven and safe, these powerful treatments can treat your brain tumor fast and without surgery:

    • Focused, painless radiation with Gamma Knife

    • Electrodes that stop tumor growth with Optune