Flourish Boutique

Flourish Boutique
Flourish Boutique sells accessories for people going through cancer treatment.

Flourish Positive Image Boutique is a custom shop that sells wigs, headscarves, prostheses, mastectomy bras and other items like creams, books and gifts. The shop has a certified mastectomy fitter.

Flourish Boutique is designed to help those facing cancer to look and feel their best. A portion of the proceeds from Flourish goes to the UVA Cancer Center.

We've Moved (Temporarily)

Flourish Positive Image Boutique has temporarily moved to Room 1002 in the West Complex. It's about a 5-7 minute walk from Emily Couric Clinical Cancer Center (ECCCC). Don't hesitate to ask any team member if you need help getting to the West Complex.

To get to Flourish from the ECCCC:

  • Exit the ECCCC and cross Lee Street
  • Enter the University Hospital lobby, then turn right
  • Continue walking straight and follow signs for the West Complex
  • You'll pass through the indoor link between University Hospital and the West Complex, which goes over Jefferson Park Avenue
  • When you reach the West Complex, turn right and walk down the hallway
  • When you reach the West Complex lobby, turn left after the information desk
  • Turn left after you pass the elevators
  • Room 1002 is straight ahead

Products Available at Flourish

The products at Flourish are stylish and functional. We carry:

  • Mastectomy garments
  • Skin care products
  • Wigs and scarves
  • Clothing and accessories

Shoppers can also find stylish and affordable jewelry, cancer awareness books and other inspirational gift items.

Services Offered

We also cater to guests’ needs with:

  • Private fitting rooms
  • Certified mastectomy fitter
  • Ramona’s Room, offering free wigs, scarves and caps for those who are un- or under-insured
  • A staff of dedicated volunteers

Flourish Positive Image Boutique

The Flourish Positive Image Boutique sells wigs, headscarves, prostheses, mastectomy bras along with creams, books and gifts to help those fighting cancer to look and feel their best. View Flourish Boutique transcript.