Cancer Center Outreach & Events

For more than 20 years, the UVA Cancer Center Outreach & Events team has provided the community with a broad range of cancer education, service programs and activities that have benefitted residents of Central Virginia and beyond. We are committed to engaging and building collaborations within our diverse communities, faith -based organizations and medical community. Through these collaborations, our team provides assistance to community-based organizations in the creation and implementation of innovative cancer programs that are culturally appropriate and inclusive. These programs and collaborations aim to raise awareness and foster healthy communities to reduce cancer disparities.

Programs and Events

The UVA Outreach and Engagement team provides the community with a broad range of cancer education, service programs, and activities that benefit residents of central Virginia and beyond. These programs educate the public about cancer risk, screening, prevention and survivorship. Our health education specialists frequently:

  • Attend health events
  • Give educational presentations
  • Collaborate on community projects
  • Promote community awareness of cancer

We commonly work with community organizations, schools, worksites and faith-based groups to deliver high-quality educational programs as well as attend health events on request based on availability. All our programs are offered free of charge to the public.

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