A UVA ER team pushes a patient on a gurney

Emergency Services

COVID-19 Service Changes
It's safe to come to the emergency room for strokes, heart attacks, and injuries.

You get in a car crash. Your father has a stroke. Your child can’t breathe in the middle of the night. As you race to the hospital, do you know what to expect? People throughout central Virginia depend on the emergency services at UVA. However severe your injuries or illness, we’re here. We have the expertise and the resources to treat the entire spectrum of patients, from infants to the elderly.

Trauma, Intensive Care, & Emergency Services

Our emergency services include:

  • An adult emergency room where specialists can evaluate and care for your most critical needs
  • A separate children’s emergency room and lobby, with dedicated care spaces
  • A Level 1 trauma center, where surgeons and specialists care for you if you’ve been physically assaulted, in a car accident or experienced other trauma or injury
  • Our poison call center, which can help with everything from accidental medication ingestions to snake bites
  • Several intensive care units (ICUs), including pediatric, heart and surgical ICUs, which monitor and care for those who need life-supporting measures and close observation