Emergency Room

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In the emergency department, we work fast to get you stabilized, intervening to stop a heart attack, stroke, or severe allergic reaction. We treat burns, broken bones, illnesses, and pain that hasn’t responded to over-the-counter medicine.

When You Arrive in the Emergency Room

We follow the same process with each patient. While this may appear chaotic, we actually follow these routines in a very standardized manner.

  • We collaborate with the fire department and rescue squads so that we’re prepared at the moment of your arrival.
  • A crew of doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists, surgeons and other specialists come to your bedside. The team evaluates your condition and decides on a course of action — if you need an orthopedic specialist, for instance, or a stay in an ICU.
  • We clear you for surgery, if it’s needed and safe to proceed.
  • We make sure you get the physical and occupational therapy and other rehab services you need in order to fully recover.

Our ER features:

  • Separate lobbies and treatment areas for adults and children
  • A rapid medical evaluation area for addressing less complex injuries and conditions
  • A dedicated mental and behavioral health emergency section
  • Nine special shock care and resuscitation rooms
  • Four surgical treatment areas, two interventional radiology suites, and an interventional cardiology suite

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Screenings in the Emergency Room

When you're checked in at the emergency room, you'll also get screened for:

  • Mental health needs/suicide risk
  • Domestic abuse/violence

Visitor Guidelines

See our current visitor guidelines before coming to the emergency room.

This child's sports injury means she goes to the emergency room for kids at UVA

An Emergency Room for Children

When sick or injured, your child needs to feel as protected and cared for as possible. We have a separate emergency room and lobby just for kids – calm and quiet, this room offers toys, books and an interactive play wall to keep your child entertained.

See all pediatric emergency services

Suicide Screening 

We do a suicide screening examination for all patients ages 6 and older who are treated in our ERs. This short, three-question survey identifies patients who may have suicidal feelings and need further evaluation. It's important to know that your answers don't affect the quality of care you get in any way.

Domestic Violence Screening

All patients ages 14 and older (younger at some locations) treated in our emergency rooms are screened for signs of domestic violence. Because these questions must be asked in private, parents or guardians are asked to leave the room during this short conversation. While most patients don't have signs of abuse or neglect, this screening helps us protect those few who may be victims of domestic violence. This screening doesn't affect the quality of care we provide in any way.

Mental & Behavioral Health Care

Before being seen by a provider, a triage nurse evaluates any patient who comes to our ER with mental health issues. Our staff will do its best to make the process quick. We are always available to answer any questions you may have.

Pediatric Emergency Care

All of our ERs offer care and treatment to newborns, toddlers, adolescents, and teenagers. Our doctors and nurses create a warm and caring environment while thoroughly communicating diagnosis and treatment options to parents and children.