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Poison Control

Possible poison?
If someone has stopped breathing, won't wake up or is having seizures, call 911.

The Blue Ridge Poison Center provides a confidential, 24/7 toll-free hotline with free treatment advice about possible poisoning.

Why People Call

Our experts help people who have:

  • Made a mistake with a medication
  • Swallowed a questionable substance
  • Spilled or splashed something harmful in their eyes or on their skin
  • Breathed a harmful gas or fume
  • Encountered a poisonous snake or spider

What is a Poison?

Any substance or product that can cause harm if it gets inside the body the wrong way or in the wrong amount.

The number one source of poisoning for all ages: Medicine.

Common poisons: Cleaning products, pesticides, car products, workplace chemicals, plants, alcohol, personal care products, snakes or spiders that can poison through a bite or a sting and gasses in the air, like carbon monoxide.

About the Blue Ridge Poison Center

Our team includes:

  • Nurses and doctors with specialized training in managing poisoning
  • Public health educators who teach poison prevention
  • Medical toxicologists who teach and perform research 

Educating the Community

Along with the call center, we:

  • Give talks
  • Offer Train the Trainer workshops
  • Attend health fairs
  • Speak at conferences
  • Provide online webinars

Healthcare providers, educators and organizers: We invite you to distribute our free fact sheets and other educational materials.

Our Certification

The American Association of Poison Control Centers recertified us as a Regional Poison Center in 2022. This certification lasts for 7 years.

Benefits of the Poison Center

We estimate this service saves Virginians millions of dollars in unnecessary medical bills and emergency room visits each year.