Intensive Care

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Intensive care, also called critical care, serves patients with serious, continuing conditions. An ICU provides a high level of monitoring and privacy.

Specialized Intensive Care Units

Our dedicated specialists focus on very specific, acute medical emergencies or situations:

  • Heart attack
  • After a thoracic/cardiovascular operation
  • Recovering from brain or spine surgery
  • Mental health event
  • Complex orthopedic injury
  • Healing after a stroke
  • Preparing or recovering from complex, difficult surgery

Surgical Intensive Care Unit (SICU)

We specialize in caring for patients having abdominal transplant, trauma, major general surgery or other emergency surgery. Specialty trained nurses, respiratory therapists, social workers and other caregivers staff the unit. Critical care surgeons and anesthesiologists provide experienced services.

A newborn in intensive care. The UVA NICU.

Intensive Care for Infants & Children

When a newborn needs oxygen or a toddler life support, parents come to UVA Children's Hospital. We have the region’s most advanced neonatal intensive care unit and a pediatric ICU with experts in caring for the most tender patients.

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