Communication & Care at the TCH

Call the TCH

We take every opportunity possible to involve you and your Care Partner in your care. We believe good communication is key to keeping you safe. We encourage you to ask questions at any point during your stay.

Updates About Your Care

Unless doing so would disturb your sleep, our nursing staff will give their shift report at your bedside so you are able to hear an update and ask questions about your care.

Daily & Weekly Care Reviews

Our physicians and interdisciplinary team review your care daily.

Once a week we will review your plan of care and establish weekly goals toward discharge. We’ll review this plan with you.  

Patient Identification & Confirmation

When you are admitted to Transitional Care Hospital, you will receive a band to wear on your wrist. This band will have your name, date of birth and medical record number. To keep you safe, our staff will confirm your name and date of birth before giving you any medications or performing any procedures. 

Staff Identification

Members of your treatment team will identify themselves and their role in our facility when they enter your room. They will also explain why they have come to see you. Our staff also wear a name badge to identify who they are and what they do. These name tags are worn above the waist so you may be able to read them clearly. If you are unable to read a name tag, please feel free to ask.