Discharge Instructions for the TCH

As soon as you arrive at the TCH, we work with you to plan for your discharge home or to another level of care. We’ll work with your local vendors, service providers and community resources to make sure your needs are met after discharge. 

Preparing for Discharge

We’ll work with you to decide the best time for your discharge. When we set your discharge date, you’ll need to make sure to have someone:

  • Bring you home
  • Have home care ready
  • Take your items and gifts home
  • Bring loose-fitting clothes for you to wear home

Our goal for your discharge is before noon, so you can get home and get settled before evening.

Discharge Instructions

Before you leave, we will review written discharge instructions with you about your care, level of activity, follow-up visits, medicine, supplies and services. This is the time to get all of your questions answered. 


Your doctor may order medicines for you to take after you are discharged from the hospital. We encourage you to have these prescriptions filled at your local pharmacy, so they know all of the medicines you are taking. Keep a current list of your medicines and allergies and vaccinations.