Neurogenetics Services: Genetic Counseling & Testing for Neurological Disorders

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Many different neurological conditions run in families (are inherited). Is your condition genetic? Are you at risk of getting one from your family? Knowing these answers gives you a critical edge for treatment and life planning.

UVA Health offers genetic counseling and testing for people who have:

  • A diagnosed genetic neurological condition
  • A family history of one of these illnesses
  • Signs of a genetic neurological condition

Neurogenetics at UVA Health

At UVA Health, we offer neurogenetics services for adults and children from a genetic counselor with specialized knowledge and expertise in inherited neurological conditions.

At your genetic counseling appointment, we’ll start by reviewing your personal and family health history. If it’s possible you have a genetic neurological condition, we’ll talk about genetic testing.

Genetic Testing: Make an Informed Choice

At your neurogenetics appointment, we’ll explain the pros and cons of testing. We want to make sure you’re aware of what the results could mean for you and your family. That way, you can make a decision based on all the available information.

Deciding whether to undergo genetic testing is your choice. Not everyone who qualifies chooses to get tested. We're here to give you all the information you need to decide what’s best for you.

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Genetic Testing Results & Next Steps

If you do get a genetic test, we’ll go over your results with you at a follow-up appointment. We’ll make sure you understand what the results mean and answer any questions you have.

If you need treatment for a neurological condition, we’ll connect you with our neurology and neurosurgery services.

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Neurogenetics Q&A

Genetic counselor Chelsea Chambers, GC, shares answers to patients' most common questions.

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Paying for Neurogenetics Counseling & Testing

Many health insurance policies cover genetic counseling and testing. But, Medicare does not. Many labs offer affordable options for genetic testing not covered by insurance.

We can help you understand any costs you’d be responsible for and offer price estimates. UVA Health also offers financial aid.

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