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Urologic Cancer

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Urological cancer can make you feel vulnerable. It affects your urinary tract and the male reproductive system. You may worry about your ability to have children. Your sexual health and daily living may seem at risk.

At UVA Health, you'll find seasoned specialists in urological cancer. This team includes:

  • Urologic medical oncologists
  • Radiation oncologists
  • Urologic surgical oncologists

We work closely together to provide patients with optimal care. We've been at the leading edge of developing fast, precise tools for years. Our top-notch team will care for you every step of the way. 

We treat cancers of the:

Urological Cancer Treatments

Urologic cancers are often treated with a combination of immunotherapy and chemotherapy. You may also need radiation or surgery. We have the latest technology to treat your cancer. These tools don't just pinpoint and target tumors. They do so with as little damage to your body as possible.

These powerful tools include:

  • Thermal ablation – uses heat to kill areas of cancer without making an incision in the skin
  • Radiation – targeted beams or seeds that kill the cancer but preserve the surrounding tissue
  • Robotic surgery – removes the prostate while preserving urinary and sexual function
  • Immunotherapy – uses drugs to activate your own immune system

Comprehensive Prostate Cancer Care

A common disease, prostate cancer can be very slow growing or more aggressive. This means the best treatment varies with each person. It could mean keeping a close watch on the cancer or removing the cancer. For prostate cancer that has spread to other parts of the body, we offer a radioactive medicine.

We'll work with you to decide the best option for you.

Robotic Surgery Experts

If you need surgery, we have a robotic-trained surgical team to safely and efficiently get you through surgery. We were Virginia's first hospital to use robotic surgery for prostate cancer.

Latest Radiation Tools

If surgery isn't the right option for you, we have state-of-the-art:

We were one of the nation's first hospitals to offer MR-Linac to target cancer more precisely. 

Focal Therapy: Alternative to Surgery & Radiation

Some patients may benefit from focal therapy. We use energy to kill the cancer in one region of the prostate. We don't need to remove it or radiate it. This approach is ideal for patients:

  • With an intermediate-risk tumor seen on an MRI or ultrasound
  • Willing to undergo close follow-up for many years to watch the rest of the prostate for new tumor development.

See more on prostate cancer treatments and all prostate treatments. 

Wrap-Around Care

Our team has has provided robust cancer treatment for years. With compassion, we focus on your healing, as well as high-tech cures. You can depend on specialists who:

  • Work together on your specific case
  • Support your diet, health, and rehab 
  • Give first-rate diagnoses 
  • Help you get into clinical trials for the latest treatments