Our hospital security officers provide protection and a safe environment for patients, visitors and staff. Officers are on duty 24 hours a day. We also partner with the UVA Police Department to provide additional security.

Medical Center staff members are trained to respond quickly to security issues. If you have a question or concern, notify your caregiver or another employee immediately.

Employee Identification

All Medical Center employees, students and volunteers wear photo identification badges. If you have any questions about caregivers' identification, please ask to see their badge or contact your nurse or the nurse manager.

Personal Valuables

Please do not bring valuable items when you are admitted to the hospital. If you have something of value such as jewelry, cash, credit cards, etc. and you are not able to send it home with a family member or friend, please tell your nurse so that it can be secured in the hospital safe. If you have a valuable item that you need to keep with you, such as eyeglasses and dentures, let your caregiver know.

Emergency and Fire Drills

For patient safety and employee training, fire drills and other emergency drills are required to be scheduled regularly. Employees are trained to take the actions necessary to ensure your safety during fire alarms, weather-related incidents and other emergency situations.

If a fire drill is scheduled while you are here, you will hear alarm bells or announcements. The University Hospital building was constructed with a high level of fire protection, so inpatients will remain in their rooms with doors closed. Patients in most other buildings will evacuate, just as they would from an office building or hotel during a fire alarm. Employees will help patients as needed until the drill is over and care can resume. Fire drills typically last only 10-15 minutes.