Your Hospital Room

Features of Your Room

Upon arrival, your nurse will tell you about the hospital room features, including how to use the bed controls.

The hospital beds are electronically operated and have a call button and controls for lights, phone, television and radio. 


Volunteer Services can bring newspapers, books, or other items to the room.

Televisions and Music

Each patient bed has access to local FM music stations, stations from Direct TV and special health programs. Ask us for help with closed captions, Spanish programs or headphones to use with the bed control.

Personal Devices

We encourage use of personal electronic devices (phone charger, laptop) in the hospital. If you bring them, they are your responsibility. They may be plugged into any outlet that is at least five feet from your bed. For your safety, personal electronic devices used in your bed must be used on battery power only.

Using the Hospital Phone

Outgoing calls: You can make outgoing calls 24 hours a day using your bedside phone.

Incoming calls: These phones do not accept incoming calls between 10 p.m. and 8 a.m.

How to make a call: Dial '9' for an outside line and ‘0’ for the hospital operator. For long-distance calls, dial 1 + 0 + area code and the number to make a collect call or use a phone card. For 800 numbers, dial 9 + 1 + plus the number.

Your Belongings  

During the admission, transfer and discharge process, we will list belongings brought with you. We ask that you keep valuables at home, but we do have a safe you can use. Items like dentures, glasses and hearing aids should be kept visible and within easy reach.

Food & Menus

A nurse or assistant will help you make meal and snack choices that meet your nutritional needs, restricted diets requirements and other considerations. Also:

  • Visitors may order from the menu for a cost.
  • New parents receive a celebration meal prior to discharge.
  • Children and teens enjoy a menu designed specifically for their age and needs.

Special dietary requests? Talk with your healthcare team.

Rules & Restrictions

Bathrooms are for patient use only. 

Do Not Touch the Computers

We now use a computer to document your care. You may view your information on the screen with us, but we ask that you don't touch computers or other electronic equipment.

No Smoking

The UVA Medical Center is entirely smoke-free. 


We observe quiet time in the afternoon and at night. Keep your voices low to allow patients to rest. We offer earplugs or headphones for the pillow speaker on your bed if noise is a problem.

If you have a roommate, please respect his/her privacy and need for quiet.


Your visitors must follow the hospital visitor rules at all times. They must wear a pass and respect other patients. 


If you have any questions or concerns, ask your nurse.