WiFi & Charging Stations

Go Online

We offer free wireless access to all patients and guests. To access:

  • Make sure your device has wireless enabled
  • Select or join the uvahealth-guest network
  • Go to uvahealth.com in a web browser
  • Accept the terms and conditions to log in

If you see the message, “Cannot verify server identity,” click "cancel" and type uvahealth.com in the address bar.
You can remain on the guest wireless network without returning to the terms and conditions page for seven days. 

Need a Way to Get Online?

Borrow an iPad or other device in the Patient & Family Library, located in the University Hospital lobby. 

Questions? Problems?

Contact us at 434.924.5334.

Charge Your Phone

Cell phone battery running low? You now have free access to a phone charging station. 

Location: Main lobby of University Hospital

How it works:

  • Use your 10-digit phone number as a passcode to keep your phone secure in a charging locker.
  • No charger is necessary.
  • The charging station is compatible with iPhone and multiple Android phones.
  • Pick up your charged phone whenever you’re ready.

Cell Phone Use Restrictions

We only allow cell phone use near the main elevators and in the public areas on the first floor of the hospital.