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Diabetes Care & Support

Our Diabetes Education and Management Program offers a complete approach to diabetes care that addresses your whole body, with special clinics focusing on how diabetes can affect your heart and weight. 

Our Certified Diabetes Educators (CDE) are registered nurses and dietitians that provide education and support on how to manage and prevent the complications of diabetes. 

Conditions we treat include:

If you have diabetes, you're at a much greater risk for complications from high blood pressure and high cholesterol, including heart attacks, strokes and poor circulation to your legs and feet. 

Our approach makes it easy for us to evaluate and treat your diabetes and help you understand how to reduce your risk of complications.

Diabetic Services: How to Get Started

We offer workshops, classes, nutritional support, insulin pump help and foot care services. To access any of these programs, print the form below for your primary care provider to complete and send to us:

Diabetes Education and Management Referral Form (PDF)

Diabetes Resources

Learn about your metabolism:

Find support:

Stop smoking:

Diabetes Research

An artificial pancreas developed by researchers here at UVA could change the way patients with Type 1 diabetes manage their condition

Learn about artificial pancreas research.

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