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Orthopedic & Musculoskeletal Care

Sports, bone, spine and joint injuries can damage everything from your game to your independence and daily life. Find orthopedic care that helps you move better and feel better from a team ranked among the top 10% in the nation.

From joint replacements to finger implants, we perform some of the most difficult surgeries in the state. You can come to UVA and trust you'll receive the most up-to-date procedures from highly skilled and caring ortho specialists.

After the Crash

Hit head-on by a drunk driver, Lisa suffered fractures in her neck, back, ribs, hands, legs and knees. It took several surgeries to put her back together again. View Lisa's traumatic story transcript.

Orthopedic Care by the Numbers

When seeking care for a sports injury, broken bones, or painful joints, you want to make informed decisions.

This is why we share statistics about the procedures we perform. We want you to have the facts, so you can trust in the quality of the care you receive.

See details of our quality outcomes.