340B Drug Discount Program

At no cost to the taxpayers, the 340B Program requires drug manufacturers to sell outpatient drugs at a discount to eligible safety-net providers serving high numbers of low-income patients. Congress created the program to allow these providers to “stretch scarce federal resources as far as possible, reaching more eligible patients and providing more comprehensive services.” The program gives providers flexibility to tailor patient care solutions to the unique needs of their communities.

About the 340B Program at UVA

This program is a critical component in advancing UVA Health’s mission to serve our community’s most vulnerable. By providing generic medications at a significant price reduction, we're able to increase access to life-saving drugs; many cost only $4 per month.

In 2018, UVA Health saved $88 million due to the 340B Program’s discounts from drug manufacturers. Such reduced drug expenditures allow UVA to instead reinvest in programs to ensure economically disadvantaged patients have access to specialized care, including in locations closer to home.

Expanded Access to Prescription Drugs & Services

Free or Discounted Medications

UVA Health provides free or discounted medications to economically disadvantaged patients. Almost half of the patients served at our outpatient pharmacies are indigent. We also offer the UVA Prescription Discount Program to all patients.

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Access to Healthcare Services

As part of our efforts to expand services to Charlottesville’s surrounding counties and in more rural locations, UVA Health has a number of satellite primary and specialty care clinics that offer services closer to patients’ homes or in their homes.

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Access to Needed Prescriptions

UVA Health has a total of six pharmacy locations in Charlottesville, Augusta, and Zion Crossroads, where anyone can walk through our doors and get prescriptions filled, including Charlottesville’s only outpatient pharmacy that serves patients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  

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Care Coordination for At-Risk Patients

As part of our efforts to better serve patients at risk for hospital readmissions, our 340B savings allow us to colocate pharmacy staff throughout the hospital and in outpatient clinics to help ensure patients do not leave our facilities without their medicines. Pharmacy staff assist with critical tasks necessary for medication use, access and adherence such as patient assistance program requests, medication histories, medication cost assessments, and coordination of medication regimens.

Our Program in Action

A young uninsured man with multiple medical conditions was admitted to UVA Health due to uncontrolled bleeding associated with his hemophilia. During his stay, the patient’s bleeding was controlled, but he could not be discharged safely from the hospital because he could not afford his needed medications, which would cost $40,000. UVA Pharmacy Patient Assistance Services team was able to supply the medication to the patient from UVA Pharmacy and support the patient with their future financial assistance needs. As a result, the patient was released from the hospital with a consistent supply of medications, preventing future hospitalizations. In this case, the 340B Program allowed UVA Health to offer the patient medication and support staff salaries on the UVA Pharmacy Patient Assistance Services team.

Program Compliance

Program compliance is an essential piece of UVA Health’s 340B Program. On a routine basis, UVA Health reviews program updates and regulatory changes to ensure alignment with guidance from the Prime Vendor (Apexus), HRSA and Office of Pharmacy Affairs (OPA). It also monitors 340B best practices in literature and online.