Donations to UVA Hospital Patients

Thank you for thinking of us as you consider where to donate your gifts.

The Volunteer Services office coordinates all donations of toys, crafts, cards and other items.

Guidelines for Crafts and Donations

To protect our patient’s privacy and prevent the spread of infection, we ask that you follow these guidelines when donating items to the hospital. 

We require all items to be:

  • New and unused
  • Free of latex
  • Unbreakable, with the exception of flower vases, etc.
  • Not promoting of violence or religion
  • From a smoke-free and non-musty environment
  • Books and magazines may be new or gently used and in good condition.
  • Unwrapped 

We’ll give away or discard donations not meeting these guidelines. 

Items for Children

  • Toys must be brand new, unused and in original packaging
  • Dolls should have vinyl, washable bodies and hair
  • Items must not:
    • Pose a choking hazard (no small parts and pieces)
    • Have dangerous cords or strings
    • Produce sparks or discharge projectiles
    • Contain toxic materials, like paint and glue

Guidelines for Crafters

Handmade items from fibers, such as knitting, crochet, sewing, quilting, felting, etc., need to be:

  • Newly-made
  • From a smoke-free environment
  • Free of allergens, such as dog or cat fur
  • Created with good hand hygiene, when you’re well, so as not to spread germs
  • Packaged in zippered plastic, when possible

For hats, baby caps, shawls, lap blankets, etc., use soft fibers.

We need:

  • Baby caps about 12 inches in circumference
  • Baby blankets 38 inches wide up to 42 inches long

Other size guidelines available upon request.

Guidelines for Greeting Cards

We appreciate creative, heartfelt get-well wishes.

Simple, generic messages work best, such as:

  • Thinking of you
  • Wishing you well
  • I’m cheering for you
  • Holiday greetings

Cards should:

  • Keep messages politically and religiously neutral
  • Use non-toxic glue or paint material
  • Use glitter sparingly
  • Avoid small, removable embellishments
  • Include only the first name of the author or a group name

Gifts of Money

Monetary donations may be made: