UVA Undergraduate Volunteers

Onboarding occurs twice a year for UVA student volunteers. These two onboarding options are for the Academic Year (process beginning in August) and for the Summer (process beginning in January).  

UVA Volunteer Services partners with Madison House (a volunteer center for UVA students) for the recruitment, application, scheduling, and training of our UVA undergraduate volunteers. Please see Madison House Medical Services for updated information.

Option 1: Volunteer During the Academic Year

  • Required Service: 3-hour weekly shifts while classes are in session (September-May)
  • When to Apply: At the beginning of the academic year
  • How to Apply: Sign up through Madison House

Option 2: Volunteer During the Summer

Summer Program Info Sessions will occur January-March. The application deadline is mid-April. Volunteer prospects must first follow the steps found at Madison House.

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