Summer Volunteer Program

UVA undergraduates should apply through the Madison House's medical services programs.

This intensive program for adult volunteers occurs during the summer months of May-August. We expect you to commit to a minimum of 50 hours of volunteer service, typically two shifts per week. We'll arrange your start and stop dates on an individual basis. We can accommodate vacations in most cases.

Note: Some programs require additional hours. The Emergency Department, for example, requires volunteers to commit to 100 hours and typically four shifts per week.

Required Service: 50-100 hours, typically two shifts per week, depending on the assignment

When to Apply: January through April 

How to Apply: 

Summer Volunteer Requirements

To become a summer volunteer, you must:

  • Be at least 18
  • Choose three volunteer role options (before calling us)
  • Interview with a volunteer coordinator
  • Submit an application
  • Provide two references
  • Authorize a criminal history background check
  • Get a health assessment 
  • Attend a two-hour training
  • Obtain ID badge
  • Undergo role-specific training