Drug Take-Back Program: Get Rid of Unwanted Medications

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There are lots of reasons you might have prescription drugs you don't need anymore. Maybe they're old and expired. Or, you recovered from an illness. Either way, you don't want someone to use these medicines accidentally.

What's the best thing to do with outdated or unwanted medication? Putting drugs in the garbage or flushing them down the toilet has risks.

Why Safe Drug Disposal Matters

Leftover medicines can result in:

Getting these medicines out of your house and keeping them out of landfills and sewers can prevent:

  • A loved one from getting hurt
  • Harm to plants and animals in your environment
  • Drug-resistant bacteria and viruses from growing stronger

The safest option is to leave old prescription drugs at a secure, registered location. At UVA Health, we can help.

Get Rid of Your Expired or Unwanted Drugs Safely

With our drug take-back program, we'll take your unwanted medicines and dispose of them safely and properly.

We offer 8 locations where you can drop off your old medicines, no questions asked:

The take-back boxes are green metal boxes with a drawer at the top. Once you put medications in the drawer and close it, the medications drop into a locked storage box below.

Once the box is full, we remove the medications from the box and have them destroyed by an outside processor.

The two drug take-back boxes in the lobby of the Lee Street pharmacy stay open 24/7. You can deposit drugs there at any time, day or night.

Can't Make It to One of Our Locations?

There are drug take-back programs around the country. Check out drug take-back locations and events near you.