Cancer Care Coordinators

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Living with cancer can feel overwhelming. Managing the medical system can get confusing. But you don't have to do it alone. Your cancer care coordinator can help you navigate through your cancer treatment. They're your navigator, guide, educator, and advocate. 

What is a Cancer Care Coordinator?

What is a care coordinator, exactly? They’re typically a registered nurse with cancer experience and specialized training. As a key member of your care team, they help create a personalized plan for your care. They help you figure out and navigate next steps during your cancer journey. 

You'll meet your care coordinator during one of your first visits. 

Navigating the Details

Going through cancer treatment can get overwhelming. You have to schedule appointments, follow up on test results, and meet new doctors. It can be confusing to navigate the system by yourself. That’s where the coordinator steps in to:

  • Review test results
  • Help you prep for surgery
  • Plan next steps
  • Schedule appointments
  • Connect you to support services

A Single Point of Contact

Not sure what number to call? Call your coordinator. They act as your single point of contact. No need to figure out what number to call. 

Learning & Deciding

You’ll have questions. And you'll need to make a lot of decisions. Having all the information can help you feel confident in your choices. 

Turn to your coordinator before, during, and after cancer treatment. They can help you and your caregivers learn what you need to know to make critical decisions.  

Someone on Your Side

Living with cancer can feel like an emotional roller coaster. Figuring out your needs and goals can be draining. Asserting yourself with family and others takes strength you might just not have.

A cancer care coordinator acts as your ally. They make sure your voice is heard. If you can't explain and fight for your wants and needs, your coordinator will.