Cancer Peer Support Program: Know You're Not Alone

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Sometimes, the best support comes from people who have been there. They understand what it's like to get a cancer diagnosis. Knowing you're not alone can truly help.

The Cancer Center Peer Support Program gives patients and caregivers a source of authentic support. You'll talk to someone one-on-one who can relate to your experience.

Peer partners can't offer medical advice. But they've had cancer or supported someone with cancer themselves. They can share their own experiences and offer encouragement and insight to help you cope.

This program is:

  • Free
  • For patients and caregivers
  • For any stage of your cancer journey
  • Available by phone, email, or online

Talk to Someone

To get connected to a peer support person:

Give Support: Become a Peer Partner

Cancer survivors and caregivers often want to give back and help others. As a volunteer peer partner, you have the chance to provide emotional support to cancer patients. To qualify, you must:

  • Be at least one year past the end of your treatment
  • Feel emotionally ready to share your cancer experience
  • Have empathetic listening skills

After submitting an interest form, you'll:

  • Have an initial interview
  • Complete the UVA Volunteer requirements
  • Participate in virtual training
  • Commit to at least one year of volunteering
  • Attend virtual monthly meetings
  • Connect with people needing support and encouragement

Questions? Email us.