Cancer Education Resources

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Visit the Learning Resource Center to learn more about your condition or for more cancer education resources. You can also:

  • Figure out how to talk to your doctor
  • Learn what questions to ask
  • Discover treatment options, including clinical trials
  • Find out about our services and programs 

Visit the Learning Resource Center

You can find the LRC on the third floor of the Emily Couric Clinical Cancer Center.

Learn the Language

Cancer and cancer treatment uses a lot of big words. Get started with a few common cancer terms.

Cancer Education: Get the Info You Need

Our health educator can provide and help you find the materials you need, online or in print. Choose the format that works best for you. 

We can also send materials to your home: Submit an information request form.

    Learn About Cancer

    We can help you learn about:

    • Nutrition
    • Self-care
    • Sexuality
    • Coping strategies