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Cancer & Coronavirus
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Cancer Survivorship: Life as a Cancer Survivor

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Cancer-free doesn’t mean worry-free. We know the physical, emotional, spiritual and financial challenges that cancer and treatment can cause. As a cancer survivor, you still need support.

We’re still here to care you, even after you finish cancer treatment. We don’t just want you to survive cancer. With special training in treating cancer survivors, we’re here to help you thrive.

Coping After Cancer

Surviving cancer can bring huge relief. But you might face some new challenges with:

  • Returning to work
  • Relationships
  • Stress management
  • Body image
  • Anxiety and depression

We can help you find ways to work through the issues you face. Our clinic offers yoga therapy, instruction in mind-body practices, acupuncture and massage services.

Learn more about our integrative care services.

Ongoing Cancer Center Support

You don't have to stay healthy alone. We can connect you to workshops, nutritionists and exercise classes at UVA Cancer Center. You'll also continue to have access to counseling, spiritual support, financial help, physical therapy and lymphedema therapy.

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Staying Healthy After Surviving Cancer

Your ongoing care will include checkups that screen for recurrence. We’ll also talk about:

  • Signs of recurrence
  • Lifestyle changes to prevent cancer from coming back

If needed, we can get you connected with specialists in cardiology, psychiatry or endocrinology.

Group Sessions

The cancer journey can feel lonely and isolating. You might like to meet and connect with other survivors. Led by your survivorship doctor or a psychologist, group sessions provide a space to share your experiences.

Meeting Your Needs as a Cancer Survivor

You will always be our top priority. At every visit, we’ll ask you to fill out a questionnaire. Your answers will drive the focus of your visit and help us best meet your needs.

Still have questions? Read our FAQs for cancer survivors.

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Make a Cancer Survivorship Appointment

First visits take an hour. Follow-up visits last about 20-40 minutes. Call and ask for an appointment with the UVA Cancer Survivorship Clinic.

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