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Living With Cancer

Living with cancer can be very difficult for patients and their families. Our goal is to help you meet the challenges of your illness by offering resources designed to make you and your loved ones as comfortable and informed as possible. 

Looking for Treatment Information?

Find info on how we prevent, diagnose and treat specific cancers at the UVA Cancer Center.

How We Can Support You

Managing the side effects of treatment is difficult. We offer support services for patients and families to help you through the process and answer your questions.

UVA Cancer Center treats patients for their disease but places equal emphasis on their well-being throughout the process. We treat the whole patient, which means offering services that allow you to express your fears in a confidential environment, improve your self confidence, guide you in terms of diet and nutrition, manage your pain, educate you about your condition and more.

Many support services are available to family and caregivers as well.


Chaplains provide interfaith support and services, and, regardless of religious or spiritual preference, are a source of great care and understanding to patients and families during difficult times. Learn more about chaplaincy services.


Licensed clinical social workers are available to patients and their families or caregivers at all points during treatment. Additionally, social workers manage support groups for certain types of cancer. Learn more about counseling services at UVA Cancer Center.

Flourish, a Positive Image Boutique

The self-confidence and body image of patients during treatments, especially those that result in hair loss or disfiguring surgery, can often be compromised. Flourish, located near the lobby of the Emily Couric Clinical Cancer Center, is a boutique that offers individual consultation on wigs, custom clothing and devices that help you look your best during and after treatments. Learn more about Flourish Boutique.


Learn about nutrition and cancer, ways to eat right that will help reduce side effects and find out other important details about how treatments can impact your digestive system.

Palliative Care/Pain Management

Managing pain is a complicated but important aspect of cancer care. UVA Cancer Center ensures the comfort of every patient and has a team of palliative care doctors who provide pain management services and other measures of support.

Patient Education

You and your caregivers can meet with patient educators to learn more about your disease. Meet with a patient educator and access valuable tools and resources at our Learning Resource Center.

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