pharmacist writing a script

Pharmacy Services

Get your prescriptions filled by expert pharmacists, nurses and technicians focused on safe medication practices. We’re ready to address your questions and needs.

Pharmacy Convenience

We’re committed to making sure you get your medications when you need them. At UVA, you can have all of your prescriptions delivered to your home or filled at one convenient location.

Support for Special Prescriptions

We provide expert care and compassionate service to patients taking high-cost and complicated specialty medications. Most retail pharmacies don't provide the storage, handling and delivery these medications need. Our facility provides unique expertise and attention to detail for these cases. We work with insurance companies and providers to coordinate everything for you.

UVA Prescription Discount Program

We offer several generic medications at discount prices.

With this program, prescriptions cost:

  • $4 or $10 for a 30-day supply
  • $12 or $30 for a 90-day supply

You can purchase these low-cost prescriptions up to 6 months in advance and whether or not you have insurance.

Learn more about this drug discount program or see the list of prescription discounts.

Medicare and Your Rights

Learn about prescription drug coverage rights with Medicare (PDF).

Drug Take-Back Program

What's the best thing to do with outdated or unwanted medication? Putting drugs in the garbage or flushing them down the toilet has risks. The safest option is to deposit old prescription drugs at a secure, registered location.

UVA offers two locations for Central Virginia residents:

  • Lee Street (two receptacles)
  • Zion Crossroads

The take-back receptacles are green metal boxes with a drawer at the top. Once you put medications in the drawer and close it, the medications drop into a locked storage box below. Once the box is full, we remove the medications from the box and have them destroyed by an outside processor.

You can deposit drugs at any time, day or night. The two drug take-back boxes stay open in the lobby of the Lee Street pharmacy 24/7.